When I was a kiddo, I was the annoying little one you didn't want to take out to the restaurent, afraid there might be a lit candle on the table I could - and would - mess with. Dipping my fingers in the melted was, occasionally burning one or two finger tips, and rarely (yet it happened) setting a nappin on fire were great sources of joy.

Today, after multiple "don't play with the candle" sermonts, I have very much decided to keep on playing... 

Everywhere I have lived, scented candles have always brought me a feeling of comfort and warm. Whether in my bath or when I have friends over, I like to lit a few candles to transform the atmosphere into someplace cosier and bringing peace. 


In my eyes, candles are the most perfect gifts. 

I like mocking people I appreciate, I am scarcatic and I have a multiple degree humor,. On top of that, I am very blunt. In all honesty - hello I am telling this to the worl wide web I better be damn honest - I find myself